The Blitz and Peaces Times

Hi guys,

Welcome to the first post of the B&P Times. Its a blog we are starting to write a little about the game we love and all the great things we love about miniature gaming we will talk about Team Yankee, Flames of war (E/M/L). We will discuss terrain features and such as well.

We will discuss games, tactics, changes in the game and editions, product reviews and even newer things like game systems we thin you might want to try.

For those of you who don’t know us, Blitz and Peaces is a historical game store in the Far East, a little city state of Singapore is where we are located. We are the exclusive distributor for both China as well as Singapore. We have weekly meet up sessions and we tie in with the local societ for gaming called the Historical Tabletop Gaming Society AKA HTGS. you can find them on Facebook here

Hope you guys enjoy the blog!


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