4Ground Review: Transformer

15S-CWG-104 1-500x500.jpg

4Ground: 15 mm Transformer
Time Taken: 1.5 hours
Complexity: Medium

This review is of the above pictured Transformer. We have an Event coming up called the Crossing of the Hudson, its a Team Yankee campaign premised on the Russian surprise attack on the Eastern Seaboard (Don’t ask me why we didn’t do it the western seaboard, maybe its more surprising this way).

So after the initial taking of Boston, the campaign starts with the national guard rushing to Washington and then to retake Boston. The line stabilizes between somewhere between Philly and New York.

Anyway, enough about the camapign, you can watch this blog or subscribe for the updates on that.

Plans and design


Construction begins!

The designs of 4Ground have always been nothing short of amazing. The way their kits fit to together perfectly and their attention to the smallest details to give slightly better texture and 3D Effects have been great. Some other MDF providers give a very flat surface without the texture of paint required. 4Ground makes no such mistake. The design of the kit is limited to the fact that for production ease, the pieces cannot be laser cut on both sides, so you will find yourself gluing together two pieces to a floor on one side and a ceiling on the other.

Aesthetics and details

First Floor


Even the Steps of the staircase are designed, if a little tedious to do


The transformers are below. the details speak for themselves. The bits which are thin tend to be a bit flimsy off the sprue. Need to be a little careful.

Second Story


Each of the 4 turbines consist of 5 Layers in between 2 outer layers.


They are designed to be alternating between these 2 designs.


The kit also has a nice locked door for the second floor to be put at the staircase. There are also yellow bit for the caution area of the turbines.


It comes together with a Pylon on station. It goes very well for a few of the other 4Ground kit of Pylons. Very nice kit that would be perfect for a center piece for tables since stations like this is what would be fought over in the Modern Combat.


The kit was a pleasure to put together. The game should be fairly fun and the great thing about miniature gaming is always better with great terrain. 4Ground makes great kits with excellent attention to details. They can make your games come alive.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and will purchase the kit for your own tables!



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