Review GC Miniatures

Today, I am doing a simple review of the GC mini product line. Its short for Games Craft Miniatures. It s a simple outfit of a single man called Allen Rockwell. He makes these kits with his own cutter and his own games I believe. He makes most of it in all three scales of 6mm, 15mm and 28mm. All beautifully thought out. It’s not as detailed as foreground but its 1/2 the price. And if you are intending to build a full city lie myself for Berlin in WWII and possibly other cities for modern combat of Team Yankee, these buildings would suit perfectly. Unable to remove and place things inside like other buildings but if the table is going to be covered with these, you could easily just declare which 4 infantry stands are in and lead them on the side though.

IMG_20170609_185133The kit comes with multiple layers for the front facade and the just one side for the flanks and read of the building. last two pieces are the bottom. you may be wondering why their are multiple layers for the facade and that’s next

IMG_20170609_190658.jpgYou pase the two outer layers together and leave the last layer with the Window frames. this is so you can colour it in another colour and have texture and colour contrast.

IMG_20170609_191447.jpgI choose a simpe light green for the outer walls. Its just a tester so i think this is a nice place to start.

MDF cuts alwasy leave laser marks, so i had to go over with white the frame with the window frames. and now the whole thing is ready to be put together

IMG_20170609_193400.jpgTada! the building is done, in less than 15 minutes., you can see the texture and contrasts. One could split the two top layers of the facade to get even more colours. you could also do some simple shading with the airbrush.

It is also very light and easy to put tgt. in a city fight, there should be plenty of these kinds of apartments and buildings, and of course Ruins, which are spaced out.

IMG_20170609_193402IMG_20170609_193410IMG_20170609_193404The sides of the apartment are slightly textured with windows?

IMG_20170609_193511.jpgThis is how it measures up against a Single Red Banner stand

The building lines up nicely with JR Minaitures building on the left and a foreground building on the right.

These Building and terrain can all be found here.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and get your own Berlin or city going.


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