A Comparison of the Battlefront’s Universal Carriers

It has only been about 3 years since I started this hobby but I must say that sometimes the urge to “collect’em all” gets the better of me.


I have in my collection 3 different generations of BF’s universal carrier. I believe I’m just missing the previous edition of the UCs just before this plastic version. I’m not too certain how useful/informative this article would be as one of the reason why I’ve decided to write this is because of a good friend who has a rather obsessive desire to ensure the models that he collects and fields are all uniform. So for those with the same inclination, I guess this article is for you.

For the review of the new plastic UCs click here

First up, let’s have a look at the length of the different UCs (pardon my paint splattered cutting mat).

*Before we go further, I should clarify that the painted UC (lets call this A) came from the British 8th Army Motor Company, the resin UC (B) is a pre-2015 production and the plastic UC (C) …. well, is the latest release from BF


As we can see, the length of each UCs is about 3.5 cm but UC A is noticeably shorter as compared to B and C which are similar in length.



Height wise, it measures about 1.5cm with once again UC A being slightly shorter than B and C (which are about the same height).


Width wise seems to follow a similar trend where UC is again noticeable narrower as opposed to B and C.

So in a nut shell, the new BF UCs are about the same size as the recent resin releases and should fit right into most armies. The new plastic UCs would fit right into the post 2015 UCs (those w/o the bases moulded on).

And that’s it. Much shorter than I anticipated but hope it has been a little useful to those who are looking on some information on the comparison. If I ever get around to needing more UCs, I may just get the PSC releases so as to do a further comparison but that maybe some time later in the future. I mean how many UCs do you really need? Hmmm..


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