The Essential Tool – The Mould Line Remover

mouldline remover

When it comes to me buying Games Workshop items, I would often think thrice before I’ll go for it. I had issues with their paints, while nice and good to use, but they tend to dry and lump up all too easily. I look suspiciously at the cost of their brushes (which ironically for sable tend to fray more easily compared to other brands) along with their other modelling tools (that’s right I’m looking at you, you fancy-smancy $45 cutter).

However, I came across this mould line remover a couple of years back. Had the opportunity to use Rico’s copy while I was cleaning my models and I must say, I was quite impressed. Unfortunately, it sold out locally for a while and somehow I never quite got around to ordering one (yeah …. the cost was again a factor). I’ve tried looking for alternatives but strangely, nothing seems to come close.

What is so great about this? Well for one IT HAS A BLUNT EDGE!  OMG OMG! It has a blunt edge! I’m not quite a great fan of cutting myself and each time when I use the knife, moving the blade towards me gives me a sense of fear each time it comes close, wondering when the next cut be. Or when I move the blade away from me and the angle prevents me at times at realising the blade maybe angled a little too low and thus cuts into the model (which at times removes a far greater chunk of plastic that I would have wanted). Scrapping the lines with the knife? Sure. But the edge is still sharp and accidents will happen …..

Second and simply, the handle. Odd as it maybe the handle fits very well into the different gripping positions and makes it quite comfortable to use. Scrapping the lines are now a lot less scary and much easier too thanks to the ability to hold the tool properly while scraping the unwanted.

So when I was down at my local hobby store, M Workshop, I noticed a copy of the instrument and I bought it without hesitation. Yes. I like it that much to have paid $25 for a mould line remover.

Call me a sucker but give it a try and see if it works wonders for you.




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