Crossing the Hudson: Week 1, Liberation!

This blog will go through the events of the local campaign being run here by HTGS and B&P

The full premise and progress of the Campaign and its 4 weeks can be found on the main campaign page

All Narrative will be from the POV of Podpolkovnic Alexei. The alias i use for my Russian LTC who is in charge of the independent air assault brigade, the feared VDV who took part in combat in Afghanistan and who one could use on the field of battle

Week 1: Liberation

So the first thing that starts with a sneak attack is the overwhelming of strategic defenses. In this case, the Russians aim to take out Power stations,relays and AA batteries to cause the most confusion and the highest chance of success for Soviet main thrust at cities like Boston and Washington.

MAP.jpgThe Plan is  simple, attack at Boston and Washington and force JSOC to commit to a defense of one.


The campaign starts off with a custom scenario and is heavily weighed in favour of the Russians, they have a 5 point benefit, preparatory bombardment, the first turn, and deploys second. The Nato players have few benefits such, not having to roll for formation morale.


No HQ choice is needed but since Alexei is my “Avatar” He had to be on the ground for fighting to sneak attack strategic assets to remove AA cover to allow the actual battle for both boston and Washington.

I bring a full infantry force.

Soviet VDV Force consists of

1 HQ
1 Medium Size Air assault squad +1 Spigot
1 Medium size Air assault Squad +1 Spigot
3 BMP2s

Total 30 Points

My opponent opted for two m1 Abrams, 1 mech platoon and 2 VADS. a simple concise 25 points. he could have spammed infantry to defend himself but we wanted a fully painted force for the battle report.

The game as expected ends in a 5-2 Victory for the Russians. Since i deployed after him, there was no way I couldn’t get side shots into his abrams. Albeit, the Spigots didn’t take them out in the end as the BMP2 Recons did.

The Video is linked here

Some photos of our game



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