Crossing the Hudson Week 2 Hart Attack


A total of 11 games were played for Week one with 6 Nato victories and 5 Soviet victories. This meant that strategically, Soviets couldn’t take out enough AA sites for the Soviet Airforce to provide support.

The surprise attack was ultimately a failure. The Soviets while strategically gaining the upper hand by taking the US coast by surprise at night, meant that Sabotage and exploitation units mean to attack SAM sites and such were tactically inferior at night. The US having perfected Thermal imaging, decimated Soviet troops even though surprised.

The port of Boston fell to the Soviets almost immediately. Washington managed to hold off with JSOC concentrating forces for a strong counter attack. The bulk of Soviet forces of Army group Washington was pushed out into Philadelphia and the north east Pennsylvania. New York held out despite its land connection being held by soviets. The waterways between Connecticut and Long Island being used to ferry supplies and troops to the besieged city.

The Soviets now having to regain the initiative, decide that before going head long into the heavily urbanized city of New York the city must be cut off from further support. The bulk of GSFA (Group of Soviet Forces in America) must squeeze and capture the city of Hartford. This will isolate New York, which will undoubtedly surrender once encircled and secure the North East Coast for the Soviets.

This week’s Mission! Bridgehead

The week’s mission gives a points advantage to the Soviets but Delayed Air reserves because of our failure to take out the AA sites around the coasts




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