Team Yankee Campaign: Crossing the Hudson

March 22 Syrian civil war ends with a climatic battle, being crushed between ISIS and the Government forces, the bulk of the Kurdish militias and Moderate Rebels get destroyed. Russia sends information over the “deconfliction” channel to block US and other international forces from helping in the battle.

 March 28 – Iran joins the middle east war and threatens to possibly escalate the fighting to involve the countries previously in a support position like Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Israel calls for increased sanctions and possible military actions. The US respond by moving the 6th fleet into the Mediterranean and into the Persian Gulf to bolster the 5th fleet for a possible conflict. 

April 3 NATO’s annual naval exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE is increased in scope to show solidarity in this time of uncertainty.  This exercise broadened to include conventional navies in addition to its normal Submarine exercises. During the exercise a single German Nuclear submarine fails and sinks to the depths. The operation halts and the navies all crowd around the area to assist in the rescue. All that is known is that at roughly 5 PM UK Time, a radiation spike is detected and all fleets in the Area are destroyed by a nuclear size explosion.

April 4The UN security council calls for an emergency session. All nations start to point fingers at Germany for a possible nuclear explosion from their sunken submarine, the solidarity that is aimed for is far from the mark it is now. 

April 11At almost exactly 12 noon Eastern time, World War III starts. As the UN meet in New York with world leaders coming together, the UN building is assaulted by unidentified terrorists (VDV operatives on a mission of no return), world leaders are slaughtered with only a few of them making it out alive. Containers in the Boston port burst open with Russian soldiers pouring out. commandos storm beach areas where AA batteries are and attempt to silence them (Mission 1)


For the third time in American History, the continental United Stated faces a land invasion. After securing Washington JSOC rushes everything towards Boston and the line stabilizes in between New York and Philadelphia. The Hudson is the natural barrier that the Soviets must not cross.

Week 1 July 8 – July 14

Week 2 July 15 – July 21

Week 3 July 22 – July 28

Week 4 July 29 to August 9

Whats the general Campaign rules

All generals will play a weekly mission with a player from the opposing side. While all battle will contribute points to the Running faction total for strategic movements every week/Turn, only a general’s best score will be taken per week for their player rankings.

Every week depending on who won more strategic strategic points. That side will be closer to their ultimate goal, kicking the Russians out of the US, or to burn down the White house for the second time.

After 4 weeks, we should have a final narrative outcome.

Skill Points

Skill points are something we are trying out for this narrative campaign. In essence, every commander gets more experience/support/ desperate depending on how they wish to play it out. But each commander at the start of every week gets 2 skill points to use in a skill tree of sorts. As the campaign wears on, the skills get better.

However many skills you have, you can only apply two for any given battle.

A view of the skill tree is here

Skill Tree page 1Skill Tree page 2

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